Via ferrata El Risco, in Matienzo, Ruesga, Spain
Matienzo, Ruesga (Cantabria, Spain)
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A Via Ferrata is a vertical and horizontal route equipped with a system of spikes, rungs, handrails, bridges and cables which allow isolated areas to be accessed safely by climbers with a range of abilities. Safety throughout the Via Ferrata is ensured by a steel cable to which climbers will be secured at all times using special carabiners and a safety harness with a shock absorber.


Difficulty: Difficult+ / MD-
Optional: Nepalese bridge 2 cables

Vertical drop: 80 m.
Distance: 250 m.
Duration: 2 h.

Obligatory equipment for the route:
-Safety harness
-Shock absorber
-Mountain boots

Aerial photo of the environmentProgression with energy absorber
Use helmet and energy absorberItinerary of the Via Ferrata

The route is only for ascent. Do not descend the route as other climbers may be ascending.
Try not to cause rock falls.
Wear clothing which is appropriate for the weather conditions.
The minimum recommended age is 14, accompanied by a responsible adult.
Only one climber on each section of the cable at a time.
Remain secured to the safety cable at all times.
Check to ensure that carabiners are fully closed after each movement.
Position the carabiners as high as possible.
In the case of the risk of an electrical storm, abandon the Via Ferrata immediately.
Pay special attention in vertical sections where the fall factor is high.


- Access by inexperienced adults is prohibited.
- All minors must be accompanied by a responsible adult.
- Access to the route is prohibited in the case of the risk of adverse weather conditions or electrical storms.

Activities at heights are dangerous and may result in serious or fatal injuries.
Climbers assume all risk and responsibility for any injuries which may occur.
If climbers are not willing to assume these risks, DO NOT USE this installation.

If you have no experience in these types of installations, contract  the services of a guide in the Tourism Office of Ramales de la Victoria.

For equipment rentals for the Via Ferrata, contact the Tourism Office of Ramales de la Victoria or specialised firms.

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